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CRAM Secures Term Contract for ARDS at PIC

CR Asia Malaysia (CRAM) is very proud to be awarded a three-year term contract (with an extension option of two years) by Pengerang Refining Company Sdn. Bhd, continuing the long-standing relationship between the two organizations. The project includes periodic replacement of all catalysts and waste management of all spent material for the Atmospheric Resid De-Sulphurization (ARDS) Unit at the Pengerang Integrated Complex.

CRAT Prepares for SPRC’s Turnaround 2019

Building on the successful turnaround carried out by CR Asia Thailand (CRAT) for Star Petroleum Refining Public Company (SPRC) in 2014, CRAT anticipated it would be heavily involved in SPRC's next major event scheduled for November 2019.