Various jobs during MRPL TA at HCU2 and CDU 1

CR Asia Catalyst handling department secured contracts in HCU2 for overhauling and testing of 11 combined feed heat exchangers, catalyst replacement and inspection activities of 3 hydrocracker reactors, M& I of 8nos columns, overhauling and hydro-testing of 31 air fin coolers and 29 heat exchangers. [...]

CO2 blasting at HMEL, project: VGO, Bhatinda, India during April-May 2017.

CRAI has used the services of CO2 blasting to break hardened catalyst layer observed during the unloading of VGO reactors at HMEL, India. Usage of CO2 blasting through dump nozzles caused free flow of around 300 MT of catalyst resulting in time savings of 72-96 hours. This was the first such usage at CR India, following which we intend to continue deployment when necessary since the deployment costs are lesser than tangible and intangible costs that arise when adhering to conventional methods. [...]