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Our investment in training, equipment and SMART systems combined with our focus on safety and rigorous planning, preparation and execution of work underpins our track record as a leading provider of mechanical & plant maintenance services. The knowledge and experience gained from each job is channelled into the next generation of solutions.

We currently manage one of the largest refinery plant maintenance contracts with over 1,500 employees performing a variety of activities including all static and rotating equipment, industrial cleaning, insulation, valve maintenance, NDT, fabrication and scaffolding services. We have specialized workflow management systems to assist us in the complex task of scheduling and managing up to 400 individual work orders a day and have a dedicated workforce of experienced maintenance professionals to ensure we deliver all activities safely and efficiently.

Our workflow management systems bring improved transparency of where resources can be shared, allow us to track compliance with operational and contractual KPIs and assist us in delivering significant productivity gains for our customers.

Plant Maintenance Services - CR Asia Group


Mechanical Engineering Our mechanical services cater to projects of all sizes and we are one of the few who can deliver simultaneous shutdowns in multiple countries. We deliver your projects safely, on time and on budget through our multi-disciplinary approach and boost our in-house capabilities through a number of strategic alliances
Total Heat Exchanger Maintenance Services We have substantial experience of planning, managing and executing all aspects of heat exchanger maintenance both onshore and offshore. We perform projects of all sizes, have the largest bundle pullers in the region and use automated technology to clean bundles inside and out to IRIS standards
Offshore Projects & Maintenance We provide the same maintenance activities offshore as we do onshore. In addition, we also offer a full range of fabrication and installation services. With our investment in the latest technology, along with our multi-skilled specialists, we can meet and exceed the rising demands of the offshore Oil & Gas market

CASE STUDY - Plant Maintenance

Case Study - Plant Maintenance


  • A refiner wanted to change their approach to plant maintenance and select a single umbrella contractor to improve safety, quality and productivity


  • We developed a multi-skilled workforce from scratch, implemented a workflow management system to track performance and improved safety and quality through Incentive Programs


  • Total manpower levels reduced by 30% and productivity rose sharply on the back of deploying a multi-skilled workforce with access to advanced automated equipment

CASE STUDY - Mechanical Services

Case Study - Mechanical Services


  • A refiner wanted to clean 359 heat exchangers to regain process efficiencies and, after work had started, added 40 more to the scope to make it 399 in total


  • We pulled bundles, cleaned tube-side and shell-side to IRIS standard with multi-lance automated equipment and fully reinstated the heat exchangers


  • All exchangers passed leak and pressure tests first time, process efficiencies were reestablished and the plant started up with no heat exchanger issues

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