Corporate Social Responsibility – CR Asia

We proactively engage with the communities within which we work. Our corporate social responsibility program is driven by local committees within each business to ensure we provide targeted assistance where it can deliver real benefit to the community.

Our programs are usually focused on delivery of health care and education for children and development of local infrastructure. We encourage our staff to engage in the delivery of these programs ensuring the link between community and employment is maintained.

CR Asia Thailand Helps with Cave Rescue

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Thailand and much of the world was recently riveted by the successful rescue of a youth football team “Wild Boars” as they and their coach were pulled out of a flooded cave in Chiang Rai, Thailand. The 12 boys, aged between 11 and 16 together with their 25 year old coach went into the cave after a training session. Heavy rain while they were exploring the cave saw water levels inside rise rapidly, trapping the team deep inside the cave.

Search efforts expanded into a massive operation and following nine days without contact, the boys were found alive on an elevated rock 4 kilometres from the cave entrance. Various options for extracting the group were considered, but after days of pumping water from the cave system, diminishing oxygen levels and a respite from the rain, the rescue teams took the decision to get everyone out before the next monsoon rains arrived. After a gruelling 18 day battle against the forces of nature and a huge international rescue effort the last of the 13 Wild Boars were extracted from the Tham Luang Cave to jubilant scenes broadcast live around the world.

After a few days of struggling to stem the increasing water levels, Thai authorities called upon CR Asia Thailand to send specialist pumps and personnel to assist with pumping of the flood waters from the cave. We quickly mobilized a team of specialists together with high volume submersible pumps that could be taken deep into the cave system to pump out the muddy floodwaters. After several days of pumping, the water levels reduced to a point where the rescue teams and divers were able to venture far enough into the cave to discover the Wild Boars and eventually pumping enough water out of the cave to enable the safe withdrawal of the team.

The increased activities and numbers of rescue personnel soon led to oxygen levels starting to diminish in the cave. Thai Navy Seals sent a military plane on an urgent mission to Rayong to collect long lengths (approx. 5 kilometres) of our air-hoses and special low pressure regulators. These were flown directly to Chiang Rai along with our operators to replenish oxygen levels throughout the cave system and enable the rescue teams to launch their extraction effort.

CR Asia Thailand is immensely proud to have been part of a huge international rescue team including the Thai Navy, specialist cave divers, police, soldiers, rescue workers and representatives from various companies and government agencies.

CR Asia Thailand Wins CSR Award

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In August, CR Asia Thailand received the Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2018 from the Department of Industrial Works (part of the Ministry of Industry), in recognition of CR Asia Thailand’s continuous commitment towards doing the right things in the right way and supporting their local community.

All nominated companies for the award were graded against the following seven criteria:

  • Organizational governance
  • Human rights
  • Labour practices
  • Environment
  • Fair operating practices
  • Consumer issues
  • Community involvement and development

CR Asia Thailand has had an active Corporate Social Responsibility program since 2009.

CR Asia Thailand Supports Flood Victims

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Due to the collapse of the Xe Pian-Xe Namnoy dam under construction in the southeast of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic in July, several villages were completely washed away and many more were flooded, forcing thousands of people to evacuate.

CR Asia Thailand felt a strong empathy with the flood affected people in Laos and Cambodia and their urgent need for help.

In response to this, CR Asia Thailand approached the Rayong Safety Association to rally relief support for the victims through donations of food, clothing and other essential items to survive.

CR Asia Sponsors Vocational Training Centre

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CR Asia sponsored an event organized by Steps With Theera at the British Embassy in Bangkok to help them raise funds for a new vocational training centre.

Steps With Theera is a coffee shop and vocational training centre that supports people with special needs transition to sustainable employment opportunities and live fulfilling lives. The training program is accredited from the UK and promotes skills for life, skills for employment and skills for independence.

In total, the event raised THB 1.9 million, which is a quarter of what is needed for the new training centre.

CR Asia Thailand Sponsors Charity Run

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In 2018, CR Asia Thailand has been promoting the benefits of doing more regular exercise to improve health and fitness amongst its staff. In parallel with this, the private and government sectors have been organising charity running events all across Thailand for people of all ages.

CR Asia Thailand has taken the opportunity to participate at several of these fun runs in support of various local charities.

Some of recent events that CR Asia Thailand have supported are as follows:

  1. Run for Health was held in April at Ban-Nongfab School in Rayong where donations were collected for Map Ta Phut Hospital
  2. SPRC FOR YOU was held in August at U-Tapao Airport Satthahip, Chonburi in support of the Eastern Area Hospital of Thailand
  3. NAVY Run 2018 was held in August at Remembrance Lhuangprasae Battleship in Rayong to remember the work of the Armed Forces in three southern provinces in Thailand

CR Asia Singapore Sponsors Canoe Event

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In August, CR Asia Singapore was one of the proud sponsors of the Aotearoa Waka Ama Club for the annual Country of Origin outrigger canoe event, which took place at Aloha Sea Sports Centre on the East Coast of Singapore.

Now in its 8th year, the event has races for women, men and mixed crews.

The real highlight was performing a Waiata (or song) and Haka (war dance) for all the participants and guests. For many of the club members, this was the first time they had performed a Waiata or Haka.

The experience created a deep sense of connection and appreciation for the Kiwi culture and for continuing to develop Kapa Haka (Maori performing arts) teaching as an integral part of the Club’s charter.