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Our services include catalyst handling in all type reactors including mechanical work under inert (N2)
or normal atmosphere in a ‘blinds to blinds' approach.

The range of equipment includes specially manufactured machinery for services requiring continuous discharge of catalyst / support media, vacuuming, screening and cooling / recycling of nitrogen.

Our equipment is designed to minimize catalyst attrition and exposure to unwanted dust particles typically expelled during loading / unloading operations.

To complement these services we also offer closed circuit video inspection, removal, cleaning and passivation of vessel internals, blinding, bolt tensioning and welding.

We offer pre-engineering services including planning, scheduling, coordination and above all, the right solutions for your problems. These services are further complemented with specialty loading processes, notably for assuring better density and / or uniformity of beds.

All these skills are acquired through stringent training programs with own facilities for life support and rescue training in confined spaces.

Main services include:

  • Inert Entry (N2) - for catalyst unloading / reloading as well as other applications.
  • Dense Loading - CALYDENS technology under license from Crealyst.
  • Dense Loading - DENSICAT technology under license from Petroval (Total).
  • Dense Loading - technology under license from UOP (USA).
  • Unidense™ - loading technology for reformer tubes under license by Unidense Technology GmbH.
  • Catalyst Screening - under inert and normal atmospheric conditions.
  • Reactor Internals - removal, reinstatement, video inspection, repair, modification,upgrade, passivation.
  • Reformers (Furnace) - total service including tube changing / welding and uniform loading.
  • Reformers / Platformers - catalyst changeout, mechanical work and installation.
  • Ammonia Converters - total service including upgrading and specialty welding.
  • CCR - total service including center pipe and scallop removal, repair, welding and replacement.
  • ARHDM & RDS - hydro-drilling technology for coked / fused reactors.
  • HCU - total service including repair, soda ash washing, welding and dense loading.
  • Parex - Molex - Olex Chambers - adsorbent changeout and mechanical work.
  • EO / Tubular Reactors - catalyst changeout.
  • FCC - catalyst vacuuming and coke removal.